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When will AI be ready to really understand a conversation?

AI can do a passable job transcribing what one person says. Add multiple voices and tangents, things get a lot murkier.
Imagine holding a meeting about a new product release, after which AI analyzes the discussion and creates a personalized list of action items for each participant. Or talking with your doctor about a diagnosis and then having an algorithm deliver a summary of your treatment plan based on the conversation. Tools like these can be a big boost given that people typically recall less than 20% of the ideas presented in a conversation just five minutes later. In healthcare, for instance, research shows that patients forget between 40% and 80% of what their doctors tell them very shortly after a visit.Read Full Story

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A brand-tech entrepreneur, specialised in launching businesses within regulated industries. Haider Alleg dedicated his career to place ideas into commercial orbit by blending marketing & sales strategies together with new technologies & channels.

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