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What happens when computers can literally do everything?

We’ve got computers inside of our smartphones that can perform massive calculations. An iPhone, for example, could oversee 120 million Apollo moon landing missions simultaneously. But you know what computers can’t do? 3D-print me a pizza or plant a tree. Sure, we can use our devices to order a pizza or to sponsor a charity that plants trees. But the idea of a computer that could literally do anything is preposterous. Isn’t it? Science fiction The Star Trek universe has a machine called a “replicator,” that’s basically a 3D-printer for just about anything. The idea behind these fictional machines involves…This story continues at The Next Web

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A brand-tech entrepreneur, specialised in launching businesses within regulated industries. Haider Alleg dedicated his career to place ideas into commercial orbit by blending marketing & sales strategies together with new technologies & channels.

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