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Silicon Valley has been taken over by ‘technological kitsch’

Tech companies have at their heart a modern, insidious version of kitsch.
Kitsch is a German word that, while it usually refers today to cheesy or tacky artwork and decor, originally meant exaggerated sentimentality and melodrama in any realm. The intelligence errors at the heart of the AI worldview—the beliefs, that is, not the science—have given rise to a modern and particularly pernicious form of kitsch. Dreams of superintelligent computers are not Soviet propaganda, and no one is coercing us to believe in the rise of the machines. But they share the basic idea of replacing complex and difficult discussions about individuals and societies with technological stories that, like Soviet culture, rewrite older ideas with dangerously one-dimensional abstractions.Read Full Story

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A brand-tech entrepreneur, specialised in launching businesses within regulated industries. Haider Alleg dedicated his career to place ideas into commercial orbit by blending marketing & sales strategies together with new technologies & channels.

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