Consulting Services

Kainjoo delivers brands' emotions through continuous progress.


Our consultants audit your current business situation and provide you with an action plan to diffuse sensitive situations.


We define your sales, marketing and/or digital strategy, with backup scenarios and sync efforts according to your capabilities.


Kainjoo is the leading firm establishing ISO quality standards in marketing, sales and digital, with full governance and process mapping.


Integrating best practices in digital, marketing or sales directly in-house, thanks to our tailored programs for managers and executives.


Kainjoo outsource you with delegated resources in digital, marketing and sales with buy-in options. We provide support in recruitment to HR executives for screening and interim management.

Program Management

Our program managers streamline multiple projects, in various areas such as creative, marketing, sales or digital. This unique feature is powered by a kaizen/6Sigma risk management framework.

Case Studies