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Pinterest’s Bright Brand Redesign Embraces Cutting Out & Pasting Ideas

Image by Made Thought for Pinterest

Many moodboards, endless inspiration—that’s the sort of culture Pinterest has built over the years, and it’s exactly what the social network hopes to keep alive with a fun new brand identity.

No longer restricted to a color scheme, Pinterest’s official makeover by design studio Made Thought switches up its hues based on the inspiration source. That’s because its identity is defined by ‘Pinners’—what Pinterest calls its users—and their diverse interests and choices.

Resonative with the act of “pinning” to digital moodboards, the new Pinterest look embodies a cut-and-paste collage art style, according to Creative Review. The overhaul reminds users that elements of an idea can always be remixed into something they can call their own.

The colorful revamp includes a specially-drawn sans-serif typeface by Grilli Type, representing “playful touches of humanity with a literal lean into the future,” Made Thought explains.

Image by Made Thought for Pinterest

“We set out to give Pinterest a brand identity as fluid, personal and creative as its own platform — driven by the meandering choices of the user and their ever-evolving dreams of what might be,” the studio describes.

“If someone’s takeaway is inspiration, then we’ve succeeded,” expresses Andreas Helin, Design Director at Pinterest. “We want people to walk away thinking, ‘I just got really inspired’ or ‘it got me to think in new ways.’”

Image by Made Thought for Pinterest

Video via Made Thought

Image by Made Thought for Pinterest

Image by Made Thought for Pinterest

Image by Made Thought for Pinterest

Image by Made Thought for Pinterest

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Made Thought (@made_thought)

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Made Thought (@made_thought)

[via Creative Review, images by Made Thought for Pinterest]

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Google Analytics prepares for life after cookies

As consumer behavior and expectations around privacy have shifted — and operating systems and browsers have adapted to this — the age of cookies as a means of tracking user behavior is coming to an end. Few people will bemoan this, but advertisers and marketers rely on having insights into how their efforts translate into […]

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