Strategic Partnership with Sword

Strategic Partnership with Sword
April 12, 2016 Haider Alleg

As a business and information technology integrator, Sword offers a range of high-added value specialized services and solutions. To carry on the growth of the group in Switzerland, the Services and Consulting division of Sword are partnering with Kainjoo to complete this value offer in marketing, digital strategy and creative work.

What’s in it for Sword and Kainjoo customers?

As such, for Kainjoo, it is an incredible opportunity to work on bigger accounts, with the support of a large organisation covering a large ground world-wide. Re-insuring, our existing customers that can also benefit on the Technology side from senior consultants at Sword, and ensure implementation of M+ projects. Quality and performance are the main keywords this collaboration is about and where the values we defined at Kainjoo are totally aligned with those within the Sword group.

Best of both world for Sword and Kainjoo

As a smaller entity, Kainjoo is providing agility in idea and execution with the know-how and processes building of a larger firm. This duality is even more representative in this collaboration with Sword as customers, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, are seeking creative and innovative ideas implementation at a global scale while planning their digital transformation internally.

The fruitful collaboration is already at work on several business cases and we at Kainjoo are truly excited to write a new chapter in our story. For more information about the Sword Services division, please click here.


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