Kainjoo is a Google Partner certified

Kainjoo is a Google Partner certified
June 18, 2016 Haider Alleg

We are proud to announce that as per today, Kainjoo is now a recognised and certified player in the field of online advertising. We just received our Google partner badge.

This is recognising the investment in the marketing team led by Mélanie Bêche to sustain a level of quality high enough to obtain it. Well done!

Our customers come to us usually for our business driven approach, and with this new certification, we will be able to compete on higher budgets and show even more that we can lower cost per acquisition while increase the quality score of your campaigns.

Analytics and Youtube are also part of this strategy to get closer to Google products and master them. Kainjoo has an internal policy that dedicates 20% of the workforce to self-learning. This is thanks to this HR strategy that we can as a team learn that fast and that accurately on the latest tools and services.

Stay tuned for more information on our progress, this is just a start of an exciting journey.


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