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Kainjoo is hiring a Kaizen Project Manager

Morges, 5th January 2021 – As Kainjoo is growing, the program direction department called Kaizen Citadel requires more hands on deck to structure the pipeline of activities and continuously deploy Kaizen/6sigma methodologies of continuous progress. The candidate could be remote but possess at least a project management certification as a requirement.

A role more and more demanded by customers worldwide.

Kainjoo as a trailblazer in brand technologies, innovated with the creation 10 years ago of a new role, at the cross-road of commercial excellence, business process engineering and people’s management. Regulated industries usually require a waterfall, process-heavy approach to disruption. Our methodologies introduce different agile approaches to fit individual, teams and organisations’ challenges. With digital marketing increasing in the budget of all brands, the multiplicity of vendors and talents to coordinate is calling for roles that have a cross-disciplinary experience from technology engineering, creative branding or emotional marketing.

What is a Kaizen Project Manager?

A project manager is responsible for each program’s budget, quality, and timings entering the citadel. Based on standards established by our company, each project is estimated by our Business Units heads and then enters our pipeline for staffing. The Kaizen Project Manager uses our unique AI-based platform that recommends the next best course of action for aligning the right resource to the right task.

Depending on the execution model, the project manager will have to support the recruitment of new talents supported by our HR business partners or source new vendors with our Business Services partners. As a controller of the quality of each project, the Project Manager can decide the course of action to match the objectives of each goal.

On a delegation model, the project manager is structuring the pipeline of projects on the client-side, for instance, piloting different vendors or freelancers. On a Time & Expenses model, the project manager is ensuring deliverables are properly built, tested and distributed across the customers. As a product studio, the project manager act more as a product manager and help delivers the roadmap defined by the client.

Why work as a Kaizen Project Manager?

Kainjoo is a consulting firm coupled with a network of Brand-Tech Ops talents. Focused on regulated industries, the company promise to design strategies that can fly right up the terrain. The Kaizen Citadel is the clutch taking the strategic plan built by our Consultants and delivering value in the last mile of the customer experience with our production facilities. The client-facing combo is a Consultant and a Kaizen Project Manager. While the Consultant is industry-specific, the Project Manager is industry agnostic and works across our business units. This gives an interesting feedback loop to our strategies as we learn along with the delivery of campaigns and brand activities. This is a unique strength our company offers as you get exposed to some of the greatest brands regulated industries have to offer while remaining relevant on the marketing, creative or tech front.

Moreover, this role can help individuals evolve in different ways:

  1. Evolution as a consultant: as this role is the first interface with the Kaizen Citadel, individuals who prefer strategic planning and commercial operations roles can evolve in this direction, specialising in an industry.
  2. Evolution as a program director: as you grow your project’s portfolio, you will likely manage more project managers in big accounts. As such, you would be able to become a senior manager than a director of the practice with more and more responsibilities added under you.
  3. Evolution as head of the business unit: another interface for you is to become a Head of the business unit, such as a creative studio or a tech team. More related to managing a team and planning a production or hiring, you specialize yourself in practice.
  4. Evolution as a Business Services Partner: as the company grow, Kainjoo always need more support on the procurement, HR, legal or financial side. If you like support functions more, this could be another option.
  5. Evolution as a Kaizen Citadel Process Guru: If you like processes, then you could evolve to create, maintain and sustain our process house, for us but also for our customers, helping us gain certifications and keep our edge in the world of continuous progress.

This role is at the centre of our operations. You could easily decide to grow with the company by adapting your strength to the need of the business.

What are the steps to be hired as a Kaizen Project Manager?

If interested, the steps to be hired are one screening interview, with various background checks, especially the certifications. A second interview will focus on your personality and cultural fit with Kainjoo. Last, a management interview with a problem resolution activities to present.

If you are interested, feel free to send your application to our HR business partners at Edward Galle.

About Kainjoo Consulting Group SA

Kainjoo Consulting Group SA is a strategic consulting firm operating for 10 years in Switzerland and at the international level, serving regulated industries in their brand technologies requirements. The company is independent, focusing on crafting winning strategies for commercial operations, blending creative branding, neuro-marketing and emerging technologies and channels.

For more information, feel free to connect with:

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A brand-tech entrepreneur, specialised in launching businesses within regulated industries. Haider Alleg dedicated his career to place ideas into commercial orbit by blending marketing & sales strategies together with new technologies & channels.

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