The healthcare industry is right now the most exciting field for shifting how millions of people will deal their lives every day. Kainjoo DNA comes from the pharmaceutical industry and quickly expanded its work towards bio-tech, medtech, animal health, nutrition health and consumer health brands. With more than 47 code of conducts, we are the right partner to help you scale your business safely and globally.


Taking care of themselves, consumers are flirting between products that healthy, easy to use and safe. The whole organic or slow-food movement paved the way but there are numerous category that needs to follow. At the rendez-vous point, Kainjoo helps you understand your new consumer expectations and guide you through the marketing, sales and digital activities for your brand.

Beauty & Wellness

Beauty brands suffer from a highly competitive markets with more and more regulations. While trying to find a model that truly disrupt the industry, Kainjoo helps new and established brands to scale their performances using different channels.