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Cosmetic Surgeons Are Offering ‘Face ID Guarantees’ To Botox & Filler Patients

Image via Photo 104920103 © Pojoslaw |

Think of fillers and the image of balloon-like lips and gravity-defying cheeks might pop up. However, just as technology has evolved by leaps and bounds, so has the world of cosmetic procedures.

There is evidently a stigma surrounding fillers and botox. So one aesthetic clinic, Mallucci London, has gone so far as to issue a “Face ID guarantee” for treatments, with the promise that enhancements would be so natural-looking that iPhones would still unlock as if virtually nothing has changed.

The assurance echoes a growing appeal in more subtle appearances, propelled by celebrities like Kylie Jenner who have opted to remove their fillers, Dazed Beauty reports. Customers want the surety of looking their authentic selves without fear of being criticized as “fake” or “vain.”

Says Malluci London’s Dr Jana Vogt in a Glamour interview: “Excessive use of fillers and botox caused significant changes to people’s faces, so much so, that in some cases, they are no longer recognizable… Our ‘Face ID guarantee’ is a way to ensure that people will get the subtle enhancement they are after, rather than changing the face beyond recognition.”

Dr Benji Dillon, co-founder of Define Clinic, surmises with Dazed Beauty that whether smartphones can recognize a patient after a procedure could impact mental health. A guarantee for enhancements to appear natural would “significantly build confidence,” he says.

[via Dazed Beauty, cover image via Photo 104920103 © Pojoslaw |]
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