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Complex & Regulated Industries

We focus our craft on regulated industries such as Life Sciences or Private Banking.

With strong barriers to entry and heavy codes of conduct to master, regulated industries are thriving for innovation, agility and commercial excellence. 

With a Kaizen/6sigma heritage, Kainjoo is a natural partner bringing creativity and structure to your brands activities, from launch to maturity.

Life Sciences

With more than 47 code of conducts mastered, our consultants and specialists BrandTech Ops can help you manage all the commercial operations in a given therapeutic area. Digital native, we run your strategy with emerging tech and channels, ensuring compliance all the way. 

Luxury Brands

Complex by the audience, high-end brands can rely on our expertise online to analyse customer insights and design winning strategies from generating growth, to build image and visibility. 

X-Tech Brands

Heavy industries looking to disrupt themselves through tech and innovation. We support insurances, real estate and heavy industrie players to future proof their business.

Transforming Organisations.

Complex Industries

Kainjoo developed methodologies to support the
most regulated industries in their business transformation
kainjoo xclusiv case study bank syz website redesign
Private Banking

Bank Syz Website Redesign

A next gen private bank with advanced services and a true vision for financial performances. To mimic the vision of the Founders, digital services and the corporate website requires a re-design

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kainjoo .life case study listening online richter

Gedeon Richter: Online Listening

Richter asked Kainjoo® to look online for weak signals and capture a blurred picture of the uterine fibroids online information market. This study will lead to the launch excellence plan for Esmya.

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kainjoo life case study multisite wordpress

Labatec Hikma Web Factory

Labatec pharma hired Kainjoo to launch their new vitamin D3 called everyD. Internet was a channel selected to help reduce the time to market and reach quickly consumers and pharmacists.

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nespresso intranet redesign

Nespresso Intranet Redesign

Sharepoint is not bound to be ugly and messy. We have now tools and experienced designers capable to juice out the best out of today’s modern standards in UI and UX for the Microsoft platform.

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Clients we’ve partnered with on our quests to disrupt regulated industries

Emotion through continuous progress

Bringing your brand
performance to life

Our clients describe us as a team which creates amazing customer experiences, by blending creative branding, emotional marketing and innovative tech & channel, from strategy to delivery.

Galderma Daylong Launch Campaign
Daylong ATP Partnership Campaign
FibroidsConnect: Uterine Fibroids Blog
Flowent & Rich Call CLM Platform
It Is My Choice Uterine Fibroids Campaign

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Kainjoo is a strategic consulting firm specialised in regulated/complex industries, supported by a network of agencies forming a brand-ops team skilled in marketing, creative and tech engineerng.

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Kainjoo is a group of companies with the sole purpose of bringing brands performances to life in complex industries. We have a global reach with partners and representatives located in all time zones. 

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