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Injecting x-tech in regulated industries.

Our team of passionate consultants helps you adopt emerging business models and technologies into your brands.

What we do

Generating growth within regulated industries.

We are a team of senior strategic advisors, with regulated industry expertise, combined with deep experience working with emerging technologies and innovative business models.

Accelerate Transformation

Helping organisations injecting emerging tech into their DNA through an open innovation eco-system.

Organisation Management

Driving change by enhancing people's skills development and business processes re-engineering.

Commercial Operations

Supporting the definition and implementation of sales, marketing and corporate communications.

Strategic Planning

Guiding you throughout all the steps to define your next game plan and future-proof your organisation.


From Brand
Strategy to
Brand Delivery.


Our most recent
digital and strategy

Managed Services

Innovative Engagement
Models Aligned on your Performance.

Customer Satisfaction (NPS)
Time & Expenses

Ideal for short missions, where deliverables and scope are clear. For instance, running a discovery workshop for you or supporting you for a key meeting within your organisation.

Delegation Mode

Our consultants are embedded in your teams for a long period of time (min. 60 working days). You manage them like if they are yours, we handle the administration and personal development. Ideal for complex projects where our expertise is required quickly, in unknown or high-risk environments.


Dedicated consultants working only for you, but managed entirely by us. We act like a fully outsourced team, accountable for clear KPIs and integrated into your workstream. Ideal for projects structuring departments you can later absorb internally.

Why are we different?

Building a new generation of market leaders.

Why are we different?

Building a new generation of market leaders.



"Kainjoo helped us to future-proof our organisation.

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Join our team to create
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We’re a team of brand-tech experts who are excited about unique ideas and help regulated companies to create amazing customer experiences crafted with top-notch digital technologies.

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Kainjoo is a group of companies with the sole purpose of bringing brands performances to life in complex industries. We have a global reach with partners and representatives located in all time zones. 

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