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Astate is since 2015 the Creative Studio of the Kainjoo Group, designed to craft elegant customer experiences, across channels and cultures. We do it by blending emotions and bold ideas with innovative tech. Kainjoo comes from the Japanese words Kanjo, meaning emotion, and Kaizen for continuous progress. This is why our elegant taste for beautifully crafted brands isn’t just cosmetic: we strive for making a measurable business impact. 


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Logo, Typography, visual ID, Creative and Art Direction

Ideation, Prototyping, Product Studio, MVPs, Hx Factor Studies

VR, AR, Motion design, Movie production, Rich Media, Drones

Creative Direction, Copy-Writing, Guerilla Marketing

Ux, Ui, Wireframing, Accessibility, Low & No-code

Merch, Brochures, Books and Business Cards (really?)

Daylong Campaign



Here is what’s hot from the creative heads, with the new campaign of Daylong from Galderma running social. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Behance and Dribbble for more.

Our Portfolio

Have a look to what our creative talents can produce and feel free to request a consultation. Our onboarding form is there to help you start the creative process. From design thinking, to creative direction and motion design, we got you covered in all channels.


Design Thinking

Maison Cailler by Nestlé


deRham Sotheby's

Design Thinking

Novo Nordisk


Gedeon Richter


Hikma - Labatec

UI/UX & Interaction

Romain Jerome
Bank SYZ Corporate Website

Web Design

Banque SIZ


Romain Gauthier

Our customers satisfaction is what driving our sense of excellence. Considered as partners, we thrive for long term engagement and our model is based on performance.

From time and expenses to delegation resources, Kainjoo Astate is the Creative shop you need for your brand.


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Bank SYZ

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They worked with us, and together we tried to push the bar of their industry. Blending science, art and brands stories we are looking forward to seeing you soon on this wall among them.

KJ. Astate provided a breath of freshness in our brand planning, and we manage as a team to launch a product that changed the category we were involved in.
Ksenija Pavletic
CEO Gedeon Richter PregLem
Kainjoo helped us scale our brand, capturing what was scientifically relevant and package it into a nice customer experience. We truly felt the team was with us all the way.
Sarah Belkheiri
Product Manager Aptissen

Check us online or at key events and feel free to engage with our ventures partners on social. 

Careers at Kainjoo

Our creative studio is always looking for talented individuals, looking to work on the A+ projects. Tired of small projects? Send us your book,

Creative Community

When you receive, you have to give back. Our community is strong of many souls helping the new breed of creators to get support.


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As we work with global brands and manage campaigns, we are constantly looking for emerging influencers and models

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Our brand is originating from our group Kainjoo, derived from a Japanese combo of words: kainjo for emotions and kaizen for continuous progress.

Astate is the rarest element on earth, which is connected to the idea of that unique spark between science, art and emotion few brands can unleash.

KJ. Astate is a branding studio with the particularity to offer one classical engagement on time & expenses, but also an agile delegation model. While for projects under 2 months we recommend the first model, the last one is great for long run, requiring a dedicated team. 

We love a challenge. That said, we truly invest our time in there and we don’t answer to RFPs that are not offering compensation. On the other hand, our fees are indexed on performance so if we get selected we would be on the same boat.

As part of a due diligence process or a discover meeting, we can share a list of our current and past customers. Some of our clients are not listed publicly for NDA reasons but they remain available for 1-1 reference.

There are many creative firms out there that are great and we respect. Something that we heard on us is our ability to launch brands, in regulated industries, wired for hyper growth in a global setting. If you give carte blanche, we would be an extension of your team, understanding your business and continuously optimising it.

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Kainjoo is a group of companies with the sole purpose of bringing brands performances to life in complex industries. We have a global reach with partners and representatives located in all time zones. 

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