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Welcome to
KJ. Creative Studio.

Emotional Design x Regulated Brands.

Creative Services

Thinking the design, designing the thinking.

Creative Direction

Brand Strategy & Design Thinking

Crafting Ideas into reality, using our in-house DNA methodology to give birth to powerful and elegant brands.

Rich Media Production

Print & Video Production

Expressing your brands in rich media, conquering your audience space in a natural manner, building likeability.

Design & Art Direction

UX/UI Website/App Design

Building experiences creating engagement across channels, giving life to your products. 

Multichannel Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns & Stories

Developing campaigns that make a mesmerizing difference in the relationship with your brand. 

Galderma Daylong Launch Campaign
Daylong ATP Partnership Campaign
FibroidsConnect: Uterine Fibroids Blog

Astate is the Creative Studio of Kainjoo, crafting elegant customer experiences, across channels and cultures.

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Innovative engagement models indexed on the performances of your brand.


Ideal for short term projects with a lot of uncertainty, this model is more expensive but deliverables based so that you control the risks.


You hire one of our creatives, we handle the development of the resources and its administration. It is a good model if you have a clear scope that lasts more than 60 working days.

Venture Studio

An external creative team on retainer to generate constantly ideas for your brand, acting as a white-label task force only for you. Managed by ourselves, it is ideal for innovative projects requiring agility due to a lot of uncertainty.

Giving birth to a new generation of Brands

Introducing Kainjoo's
Brands DNA Matrix.

1. Brand DNA

Building the atomic structure of your brand story

Thanks to our methodology, you can build a brand that stands out by injecting at every corner what will make it special.

2. Brand Skeleton

Giving shape to your brand's personality

In this second phase we start building the copy and the attributes that will compose your brand essence.

3. Brand Muscles

Giving strength to your brand character

The last step is to give flesh to your brand by nourishing it with stories, ensuring it can live on its own for generations.


The awards won
by our projects.

Our clients describe us as a creative team that creates amazing brandsby injecting emotions into customer experiences.

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