Strategic Partnership with SalesBuzz’ter

Strategic Partnership with SalesBuzz’ter
January 29, 2017 Haider Alleg

Kainjoo is proud to announce a unique partnership between its Business Services division and SalesBuzz’ter, a pan-European outsourcing salesforce company, based in London, Paris, Geneva and soon New York.

Our motivation from Kainjoo is to close the loop for our commercial operations activities we deploy with customers. By providing a premium salesforce to open new markets, we complete the profiles of marketers and digital consultants we were already sourcing and staffing for customers. SB is also providing us with key account managers, sales directors and help desk people, to take the burden of generating quick value out of your mind.

Moreover, our partnership is going deeper as we provide our experience in developing fantastic brands. Working hand-to-hand is impacting sales reps as they are trained to quickly understand challenges of industries and backed by brand consultants if needed.

Especially interesting if you are a small business targeting EU and the US, our joint-model is adapted to various company sizes.

B2b is still struggling to go fully digital, so with SalesBuzz’ter we do believe that some industries are and will always be people interactions focused. Hence, finding the right path to growth is tricky as most countries block the agility for hiring, which is a tricky exercise for HR as we know they need more than 3 months to operate at full speed. With an outsourced sales force, you focus your brand on being agile and penetrate your markets.

SB brings a deep understanding of operated markets, quick turnaround thanks to their large database of candidates, but most importantly, an existing list of customers to feed your call plan right-away. Fast growing and very dynamic, the service is already popular outside Europe.

Contact us if you need more info on this service.


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