We help global brands and regulated companies stand out in the digital age, from strategy to delivery

Emotional Branding through Continuous Progress
This is why Kainjoo was created. Our name comes from the Japanese word “Kanjo” that means Emotions and “Kaizen” meaning continuous progress. With this, we always balance the need for a readiness inside companies and the success on the market with repeatable growth generated by a strong branding.

We are living on the edge of industries, innovation and customer trends. As leaders, we create new pathways to generated measurable impact for brands and organisations.

Our difference

Kainjoo offers a full range of brand technology services for complex industries

Emotional Branding with a global reach

Our network offers a large coverage with go-to-market models in most of the globe

Detecting Talents,
Developing Leaders

Our Business Services team and Institute provide you a turn-key solution for managing disrupters

47 code of conducts in
regulated industries

When things get heavy, this is where Kainjoo get called. We eat codes of conduct for breakfast

Agile Japanese Methodologies to scale large projects

Our expertise in managing agile approaches delivers scalable programs for your business

Business focus on generating Performances and Growth

Our consultants and venture capital teams support you in managing profitable and repeatable growth

Digital Natives with
Innovation at heart

Product Innovation and Technology Engineering is in our DNA, delivering you unfair competitive advantages

Disruptive Innovation

Kainjoo future-proof your organisation

From capturing and nurturing talents, to manage your brands and structure your corporate venture capital arm, our teams are there with you to co-create your future.

Kainjoo Leadership

Our partners are respected leaders in their industry, with years of experience launching brands and ventures through creative ideas and innovative technologies.

Kainjoo efforts towards a sustainable impact

Values unite people with the same drive, and at Kainjoo our leadership principles express themselves at work, but also in activities we support and believe are making an impact on the next generation of industries disrupters.

Kainjoo sponsors different events and teams, such as the Ultimate Cup Series

Kainjoo trains and sponsors e-gaming teams in worldwide championships

We are also conscious of our responsibilities. Kainjoo created in 2020 the Mezyan Foundation: a platform supporting causes in which we believe in and where our partners, customers and you can participate to make the world a better place.

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Kainjoo is a group of companies with the sole purpose of bringing brands performances to life in complex industries. We have a global reach with partners and representatives located in all time zones. 

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