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Program Management

Consulting Services

Kainjoo is a new generation of consulting firm, blending a strong industry focused expertise, with the capability of streamlining multidisciplinary brands efforts. It just happen we do it with an elegant touch. Moreover, we were born with the web and this gives us the hands-on experience to take your brand to the next level.


Digital Transformation

Changing a company culture using adapted japanese lean methodologies. We establish processes and governance to take the next train of innovation.

Creative Branding

Kainjoo developed “Yooghen”, an unique methodology to create all the elements of your brand anatomy, injecting business acumen from the start.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Digital marketing is a DNA branch of a brand, not its additional layer. We transform and mute the way you deal with emerging channels and build brand religions.

Technology Engineering

Technology is part of the brand transformation journey, not its destination. We know how to play with new technologies and tools to tackle your business challenges.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Kainjoo SFE tactics helps you meet your sales volume through on-fields sales workforce, synced CLM tactics and customer centric data feeding your CRM.

Data & Insights

Take brand decisions using a data driven approach. We collect data online and offline, analyse them and provide you with insights on market dynamics and customer behaviors.

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